Thursday, October 30, 2008

i have too much time on my hands.

Occasionally I like to check out what's going on in other areas of this vast country. Here are three highlights from a quiet afternoon of web surfing really random websites.

Bill O'Reilly's website. Here's a fantastic piece of journalism, posted as a link smack in the middle of his website.
"Blondes make good girlfriends but brunettes better wives."

Utah interests me because we drove through SLC once and I recall their newspaper being 1000% fluff. The websites not as bad as I thought it would be but check out a local news station website- they POST the images of criminals!

I thought this fluff piece from Tennessee was especially awesome- man plays banjo during surgery. I think it served a purpose since it looked like some sort of brain procedure.

Enjoy. Or, not!

Halloween party on Friday

We are going to have people over, start your night with us around 8PM for drinks and tunes.

PS We want to be boring and end early. Think cocktail not rager. So come early (earlier than 8 even) or not at all! WUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Killian and I are going there. We are doing a couple costume.

Granted, it's mainly because I procrastinated too long and I don't know what else to be. So anyway below is a picture of us in our costumes, I'm Luigi.

darnit, they took my previous picture off the net. (I didn't really want that pic on my computer here at work.)

Here's another not as funny one-

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

An update for my friend cyberspace

UPDATE. I still don't like the new TV on the Radio. Sometimes first impressions are right, but I would never say that's true all the time with music. This time my shit music monitor was spot on.

For music that doesn't suck, check out Deerhunter. They are most definitely reverb happy, which normally annoys me, but it's still pretty good.

Last night Killian and I saw David Sedaris at the War Memorial Opera House. He told some funny jokes-

"what do you call nuts on a wall?" Answer- walnuts!

"what do you call nuts on your chest?" Answer- chestnuts!

"what do you call nuts on your chin?" Answer- a dick in your mouth!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I've been using Vuze at work which I'm thinking might not be a good idea. I was looking for Stereolab albums and I found one. Well, turned out it wasn't one. It was 16 ALBUMS totaling 1.58 GB. Well at least I'm in Stereolab heaven. And I'm seeing them tonight! Woo Hoo!

Monday, October 13, 2008

You learn something new every day

I learned today "Miss Ann" is a term for a "woman of European descent who runs a household which employs female workers of African descent to perform tasks such as cooking, cleaning, ironing, etc."  Basically it's a term for a racist white bitch who took advantage of cheap black labor in the south, maybe even during slave times, and is a very negative term.  


Until now I was only always embarrassed by the term "red-headed step child," since I literally was a red headed step child growing up!  NOW me, super white ANN, fits the definition of TWO shitty cliches.  Granted I personally don't employ black people but I am super white and my name is Ann, that's bad enough.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Knock knock knocking on heaven's door

I am sort of a morbid person, that kinda happens to you if you lose someone close to you when you are a kid. But lately I feel like death is getting closer and closer to me! EEERRRIIEEEE!

There have been two fatal shootings on Treat Ave, my street, in the last two months. So, that sucks. Then, this 28 year old guy got hit by a drugged tranny at 21st and Mission at 8AM in the morning last weekend. The poor dude was just walking to work! 21st is my cross street. Finally, this SF girl was killed in New Orleans, where my sister lives. That's tragic. I only recently went to NO and get this- the girl was 25 like me and her birthday was Jan 22- she was two days older than me. And only yesterday Killian and I were discussing a cross country road trip, which is similar to what this girl was doing.

Luckily there are some LESSONS LEARNED- don't deal drugs on the street, don't join the Hell's Angels, don't walk on Mission Street and always be aware of traffic (don't turn iPod up too high) and finally, don't ride my bike through the Ninth ward in the middle of the night.

I don't really think I'm going to die today or tomorrow (knock on wood) but tragic deaths like these remind me to make the most of this life! Kids, wear your helmets, don't get too wasted and start fights, don't join motorcycle gangs, and always watch your back. Let's make it to at least 45 when its more about cancer and heart attacks.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I was originally going to write about John McCain, but why bother when people like actor BRUCE DERN are so much cooler?

Last night I watched "The Trip," a movie by Roger Corman about LSD starring Peter Fonda, costarring Dennis Hopper and Bruce Dern (of the HBO series Big Love and a personal favorite, The Burbs). It chronicles Peter Fonda taking acid and Bruce Dern is supposed to lead him through the "trip" but Peter wanders off and has lots of sex with a girl that's both a new love interest and his ex-wife. TRIIPPPYY!!!!

If you read Brucy's IMDB, you will learn the sad story of how he has been underutilized in his acting career. For example. Its been argued (by who I have no idea) he should have played the role of The Great Gatsby rather than Robert Redford. But, sadly, looking at the guy you see why.

Interestingly, his grandfather was a governor of Utah, which makes me think he's from Mormon decent. But that's speculation I have no idea.
Bruce Dern's daughter is Laura Dern, of Jurrasic Park and Blue Velvet (with, again, Dennis Hopper). And what else? His god-mother was Eleanor Roosevelt and his son-in-law is Ben Harper. What a weird but awesome family.

This morning I was looking for a picture of McCain and I was struck by how much McCain looks like Bruce Dern in the pictures below. They don't look that much alike otherwise.
Maybe you disagree, I dunno, the more I look at it the less I see it but that was my initial reaction.

Bruce Dern

John McCain

The reason I was looking for a picture of John McCain is because of this.

This is the conclusion of your much needed introduction to Bruce Dern. Did you ever think in your wildest dreams you would know so much about the man? You are welcome.