Thursday, May 29, 2008

Burka porn

Most people probably saw the Duncan Donuts ad of Rachel Ray wearing a scarf. The ad was pulled since people accused the paisley scarf of in fact being a keffieyeh, which is a national symbol of the Palestinian people, and a hot accessory of fashionistas all over who are supposedly political. Apparently Urban Outfitters had to pull the keffieyehs they were selling for similar reasons.
I actually like the way they look; I'd wear one if I could intelligently discuss the whole Palestinian Israeli conflict. But I can't. Which made me think of yamikas. Unfortunately for the Jewish, keffieyehs are just cooler looking and more easily wearable than yamikas.
When I looked up yamikas just now, this totally racist image popped up in the top images and I will post it now here-

Terrible. But anyway I started thinking about other middle eastern fashions that would be cool to appropriate for a future H&M purchase. The only item I know of is the Burka, and that's not too wearable.

So I got quite a surprise when I searched for burkas a la the "goog," and two of the three thumbnail images were burka porn. And let me tell you- HOTT! You go ahead and search, I'm not going to repost here in my PG-13 blog. (Yes racist images are PG-13).

Morals of the story-
Darwinism proven wrong by Republicans. Religious items associated with political hot topics could be sold at Hot Topic. Racist images of Jews are so ridiculous and retarded, they're funny.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

IKEA to start selling cars

A coworker sent this to me.

Ikea ha anunciat la seva intenciĆ³ de vendre cotxes BONA SORT!!!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

R.I.P. 4'3"/ Body Builder

Recently Matt Gibson and I had an interesting conversation about a Chronicle article re: the Berkeley stabbing of a 21-year old student last week. We had both noticed in the article that the reporter quoted stats from the dead boy's MySpace page. Here's the section of the article quoting myspace-

Wootton was active in his fraternity, serving as vice president and pledge educator.

"Nobody can have a better set of friends than I do," he wrote on his MySpace page. "I'm a Sigma Pi for life."

Wootton listed on MySpace the Bible as one of his favorite books and Jesus as one of his top interests.

Among his heroes, he listed "Jesus, my mom, my dad, my big brother, really wise people."

So what if you die and people look to your myspace page as a representation of you and as a source for quotes if you get brutally murdered? It's one thing to know people look there for job interviews, I can handle that, but when your body is cold and hard and you can't say "oh I was just kidding" or "being ironic", that kinda sucks.

I am currently lacking in obituary fluff. I currently "like most music," love the movie "Red Dawn", the show "Breaking Bad", "would like to meet- a gnome terrorizing fishermen in South America", and "About me- biding my time". I don't list influences like Jesus and my family. Maybe that means I'm not mature enough to die yet. Only the good die young. KNOCK ON WOOD.

If you feel like being morbid, you can check out MyDeathSpace.Com. It's a site that archives the myspace pages of people that have died. It's especially sad because it's mainly young people who died in car accidents and suicides.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Disturbing trend- old people's past sex lives

There must be a lack of vaginas being flashed because all of the sudden the big news in the celebrity world is "who I had sex with in '78". And then the press shows you a hot picture of the said individual at the time of the affair, which yes, makes it more interesting.

But let's not forget that this is all not current news. If this was current news, it would go like this.

Carrie Fisher humped....

Harrison Ford.

Barbara Walters did it with...

US. Senator Edward Brooke

Jimi Hendrix made a sex tape with...

these women

I hope some young starlets start up some booze and coke habits because I would rather read that than about this dusty, boring gossip.