Monday, April 28, 2008

Someone really thinks the world needs this product

So do you ever really take a look at the ads to the right of your google search? This one caught my eye-

My Sweet Pee

Killian and me on the news

Killian and I went to Best Buy on Sunday. I bought a cheap vacuum to replace our broken one, and Killian bought MarioKart for his Wii and two additional steering wheels for the game. As we left Best Buy, we were interviewed by ABC 7 news. They asked us if we were going to receive a rebate, and what would we spend the money on. Thank God for editing, because both us gave terrible responses. And I strongly doubt he believed our answers as we left Best Buy with tons of packages. And I didn't know that my face was so fat. Healthy diet starts NOW. Watch it-

Friday, April 18, 2008

Vampire Weekend? More like Vampire POO

Am I the only person in the world that thinks this band is overrated? They're not bad, but a lot of people LOVE them, ERGO I loathe them. They do not deserve as much admiration as they are receiving.

The stylings of Vampire Weekend appropriate an array of different sounds, including but not limited to Wolf Parade's beats and melodies (the portion of the music which tricks people into thinking they're worthwhile), Paul Simon's Graceland, Sting vocals... and it may just be the upbeat tone of the music or the fact that they will be a one-record-of-the-summer wonder, but they remind me of Sugar Ray.

I am also (admittedly unfairly) biased against the fact that they are from an Ivy league school. Come on, leave the rock and roll to us poor people! Little fucks.

I took the below review from "Ivy Tunes," what seems to be a student-run blog called "Ivy Gate." It inadvertently describes Vampire Turds to the T - (from

"Usually, Ivy League acts are bad because they're Ivy League. You know: competent but uninspired. No rough edges. Irrationally sure of themselves. And totally derivative. If you're smart enough, talented enough or connected enough to get into an Ivy, you probably don't need rock 'n' roll to save your life. At that point it's just another extracurricular.

But Vampire Weekend manages, against all odds, to make its Iviness a virtue. In rock, brainy usually means bad. Here, it's thrilling..."

WHAT? Should have stopped before the "BUT." Well that's my rant for the day.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Drop acid and do it in the cemetery

We visited a New Orleans cemetery in the Garden district in March (down the street from Emeril's first stomping grounds, the Commander's Palace. BAM.) When you drive from the airport, one of the first things you see are a whole bunch of modern, above ground cemeteries. The one we saw dates back to the 1800s.

Cemeteries are above ground because New Orleans is below sea level. You may know this bit of information from a little thing called Hurricane Katrina. At first, they would bury the dead by trying to weigh down coffins with stones, or bore holes in the wood, but inevitably, the bodies would pop up, and then everyone would get sick because of yellow fever and other fun, old timey diseases like that. So, they settled for the Spanish style of cemetery- the vault.

The body is placed in a family tomb when the person dies on the top shelf. After a year of decomposing, the body is then pushed down into a hole in the back and falls into a pile that is your dead lineage. If two people die in the same family in the same year, they have these temporary vaults where you sit for a year.

The best thing about old cemeteries is seeing the great last names that probably disappeared when that person died- like the "Apffel", "Egdorff" or "Guth"- or seeing last names that are so New Orleanian- "Deshautreaux" "Sirjacques" and "Abade".

Societies like the Masons and others would build massive tombs. They also had charity tombs for the free black people and orphans. Probably would have been cooler to just give them the money when they were alive, but whatevs.