Friday, April 3, 2009

Poems on a slow Friday

Killian asked me to write him poems since I told him I was bored at work. Here they are, in all their glory.

A poem to celebrate Killian Escobedo

K is for killer butt

I is for Indigo eyeballs

L is for loving soul

L is for loyalty

I is for injustice fighter

A is for awesome

N is for Never a dorky person

E is for elephant penis

S is for super duper

C is for caring

O is for original

B is for blossoming love

E is for Escobedo

D is for declaration of joy

O is for opportunity awaits

Here's one written (sort of) in iambic pentameter.

It's entitled "Ann takes a long time leaving especially when she's riding her bike"

He waits for her, as patience alludes quietly,
She bumbles and swears as metal hits flesh.
Oh! How leaving the house lengthens days
And slowly we die as Ann leaves the house

And finally, a limerick

There once was a couple on Treat
Who drank every beer that they meet
He got really fat,
Her liver went splat
Now they lay under six feet