Thursday, June 19, 2014

OH, hello

I am writing from Singapore. This place is the future. I have so many fun adventures every day, however I'm totally failing at capturing them. 

I ate fish head yesterday and it was really good. No, I did not eat the eyeball. My teammate Steven did, he said the most surprising thing- it's apparently hard and chalky on the inside.

My teammate from Korea asked me if I had any pets. I told her about Frankie my dog. I asked her if she did, and she said, no her family was not a pet family. She said they'd end up eating them with a straight face. That girl is so wicked cool.

I love it here! It was intimidating at first taking the longest flight ever however the cool thing about travel is you realize people really aren't that different around the world. Most people are simply going along living their lives and are down for a friendly conversation.

That's enough for now :) 

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